Worthing Astronomical Society Observatory
Worthing Astronomical Society are lucky to own an operational observatory. The observatory is for use by (paid) members of the Worthing Astronomical Society, (paid) members of Worthing Astronomers and invited guests only.
Members are welcome to go to the observatory on pre-planned viewing evenings/days. It is hard to set specific sessions due to the nature of the English weather. Please subcribe to the free email mailing list to receive notification emails of when the observatory will be open. Subscribe to mailing list
We are in the process of creating a calendar (for use by paid members) for available observing session which can be viewed by the folling link - Observatory Sessions
Due to the observatory being situated on school grounds, a member of the observatory sub-committee with a DBS certificate MUST be in attendance. All members of the observatory sub commitee are required to have a valid DBS certificate. All other members are treated as guests and must be accomapnied by a member of the sub-committee. All visitors are required to register their name, phone number and car registration number in the log book at the observatory.
Please do not turn up to the observatory outside of the pre-planned session times.
For any observatory specific questions please send an email to the observatory team:
We have an extensive array of telescopes for members use at the observatory and these include:
• Sky-Watcher EQ6-Pro GoTo motorised equatorial mount head on a concrete pier.
• Williams Optics ZenithStar 66mm Doublet APO widefield refractor - ideal for large galaxies, nebulae and asterisms.
• Celestron 11" StarBright XLT telescope - ideal for the planets, small galaxies, planetary nebulae, double stars and star clusters.
• Celestron 6" StarBright XLT - ideal for the planets, small galaxies, planetary nebulae, double stars and star clusters.
• Coronado PST solar telescope - Only to be used on the sun and with the correct precautions.
We also have a plethora of eyepeices, barlow lenses and reducers for use on the telescopes along with filters and a filter wheel.